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Candle Allure Founder/Owner Aisha Whitmore-Love

Candle Allure Founder/Owner Aisha Whitmore-Love

Natural Ingredients | Artistically Handcrafted

Beautiful Things

At Candle Allure we celebrate Natural Beauty by combining our love for clean and pure products with our flair for style and creativity. Visually, our products are unique and alluring; an added benefit that sets us apart from the rest. Now, you can enjoy the simplicity of All Natural Bath & Body, while still enjoying the Pretty Things in life. 

Quality & Purity

At Candle Allure we understand that exceptional quality products require nothing less than exceptional quality ingredients. We believe this standard of quality is achieved through the use of naturally occurring elements. As a result, we have conducted extensive research to obtain the ingredients that best represent our brand for purity, excellence and luxury. You can rest assured knowing that every product is created using superior quality ingredients that are Natural and whenever possible Organic.

While colorants are not generally used in our products, there are instances in which they are suitable. Our colorants consist of All Natural Clays, Pigments and Powders made from fruits and vegetables. Additionally, with the exception of our UL approved, BPA free, recyclable plastic containers, all the products offered at Candle Allure are contained in glass jars for added protection against the possibility of toxic materials leaching into the product. We're pleased to let you know that many of our glass containers are made out of recycled glass. 

100% Handmade

From our handmade Coconut Wax Candles to our Whipped Body Butter, every product is made "from scratch" for your enjoyment. Small handmade batches allow us to control the quality, effectiveness and unique visual appeal of every item. 

We begin by selecting top quality ingredients. Next, we test them using our highly effective formulas. Finally, the ingredients that meet our expectations are given the seal of approval and incorporated into our product line. 


  • Coco Candles | Proprietary blend of natural waxes and oils, hand poured & hand decorated.
  • Whipped Shea Butter | Handcrafted & hand whipped to perfection.
  • Shea Aloe Soap | Handmade from start to finish and evaluated consistently over the 8 week curing period. 
Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Candle Allure Beginnings

Candle Allure is a California based online boutique. Conceptualized in 2009, Founder Aisha W. Love relied on prayer and faith in God for a business that would allow her to provide creative and quality products for the home. In March of 2010Candle Allure officially launched it's online presence. Initially Aisha's sole focus was to create decorative All Natural Soy Wax Candles. These candles were unique in the sense that they were handmade, natural and adorned with interchangeable "Candle Jewelry," a big hit with customers that were tired of the same old boring candle. Aisha's vision was that each candle would be an extension of the customer's existing home decor. Offering a wide variety of colors, designs and fragrances ensured that every customer would find the perfect candle to suit their unique taste. Today, Aisha still maintains the same standard for her candles; however instead of Soy Wax, each candle is handmade using a proprietary blend of All Natural Organic Coconut Wax. In addition, each candle is made using All Natural Essential Oils or Natural Aromas and Cotton-Core Wicks that are free of lead, zinc and other metals.

After expanding her knowledge in the area of natural products, Aisha was determined to address the lingering hormonal imbalances that she's experienced for many years. Seeking out natural healing alternatives, she became aware of the connection between diet, detox and clean living as a way to maintain optimum health. Wanting to improve her health, Aisha changed her diet to eliminate substances such as gluten, and many processed foods. She also incorporates organic foods to make up the majority of her diet. While changing what she placed inside her body was an important step, Aisha also understood the importance of making external changes as well. As a result, she began creating all natural skin and body care for her personal use. Wanting to educate others on the importance of protecting our bodies from toxic chemicals, Aisha has conducted extensive research and has since expanded her business to include a full line of Natural Bath & Body products. The same philosophy applies with each new product to ensure that customers receive the best and most natural products that Candle Allure can offer. It is of the upmost importance that every product offered at Candle Allure is safe for both the Candle Allure family; as well as for the customers that she values so much. 

From our heart to your home. We hope you enjoy your Candle Allure experience!