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1. Why are your Coconut Wax candles better for you than many candles purchased at popular retail stores?

Coconut Wax is a natural, biodegradable, renewable product made from the meat and oil of organic coconuts. Typically, candles purchased at popular retail stores are made of paraffin wax. Research shows that when burned, paraffin wax, releases chemicals that are emitted into the air you breathe. These chemicals consist of petroleum and carcinogens that have been linked to health issues such as asthma, eczema and cancer. Our Coconut Wax is a healthy alternative to paraffin wax because it is free of petroleum, carcinogens and other chemicals, allowing it to burn clean. We also believe that it is a superior choice to Soy Wax because it is created using Organic Ingredients, unlike the vast majority of Soy. 

2. Are Candle Allure Coconut Wax candles safe for people with allergies

Yes, in most cases. This is because Candle Allure candles are made of natural substances and burn clean, they are less likely to cause any respiratory problems. Although it varies depending on the individual, many customers with Asthma and Allergies have expressed that Candle Allure Coconut Wax Candles do not irritate their allergies or initiate any sort of asthma related symptoms. The scented Reed Diffusers are not recommended for those with strong allergies or respiratory concerns.

3. Why did my candle burn a tunnel straight down the middle?

This happened because Coconut Wax Candles have "memory." If you initially burn the candle for a short time, the wax surface will only partially liquify. The next time you burn the candle, the wax will melt to the same point, For best burn results please be sure to do the following: When lighting your candle for the first time, allow the candle surface to completely liquify before extinguishing the flame. This will result in a longer lasting candle and will prevent the formation of a tunnel down the center. Also be sure to trim the wick to 1/4 inch.

4. What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a method that has been used by many cultures throughout time to promote healing in both the body and the mind. It works by inhaling the scent of 100% Pure Essential oils to invoke a therapeutic effect on an individual. The wide-spread use of Aromatherapy candles is evidence that there are benefits that can be achieved from their use. 100 % Pure Essential oils are derived from various parts of plants, including flower petals, fruit rinds, leaves, twigs, bark etc.  Extracting Essential oils takes a considerable amount of knowledge, time and special processes. Because of this, the cost for candles made with pure essential oils are considerably higher than those made without. Many proclaim that the benefits are worth far more than the extra cost. As an example, Lavender, a popular Essential Oil used in aromatherapy candles has been said to relax and soothe the senses. It produces a light and clean aroma that provides a calming effect when inhaled. At Candle Allure there are several options to choose from in the form candles made with 100% Pure Essential Oils, each with its own set of benefits. Please view our "Candles" page and select the link for "Allure Aromatherapy Collection."

5. Do Coconut Wax Candles burn at cooler temperatures. What significance does this have on Burn Time?

Yes, this is true. Coconut Wax burns at lower temperatures than some other types of wax. This is significant because it allows for prolonged candle life. The lower the burn temperature, the slower the wax burn off. On average our Coconut Wax candles will burn for 8-9 hours per each ounce of wax. As an example, an 12oz candle should burn between 84-96 hours hours. Additionally, lower burn temperatures allows for the use of natural wicks. At Candle Allure we use 100% natural Cotton Wicks that are free of zinc or lead. 

6. What is the difference between premium fragrance oil and pure essential oil? Are they safe?

Providing customers with products that are safe and effective is our highest priority. Whenever possible, we seek to create products that are completely natural, in fact many of our products are made using only natural ingredients. When it comes to providing scents that customers love, we have found that while many seek 100% pure scents that can be found in nature, there is still a high demand for familiar aromas such as desserts, perfumes, certain florals and spices. Some of these scents are either not found in nature or not readily available in completely natural fragrances. In some cases, though found in nature, the cost to produce such aromas for use in candles and bath & body is so exorbitant that offering them would not be beneficial to our customers. It is for this reason that we offer two fragrance types at Candle Allure; the first being those that are 100% Natural in the form of Pure Essential Oils and the second being those that are a blend of both natural and synthetic compounds called Premium Fragrance Oils. All of our fragrance oils are Premium Quality, Skin-Safe and free of Phthalates and other harmful substances. 

Regardless of your preference, you can feel comfortable knowing that all of our fragrance options are safe for you and your home environment.

Fragrance oils are designed to replicate scents found in nature or other desirable scents. Many fragrance oils contain a combination of essential oils and synthetic aromatic compounds. Fragrance oils are widely used in bath and body products such as perfume, body lotion, soap, body spray etc. A major difference between many of the fragrance oils used in the personal care industry and those used at Candle Allure is that we only use fragrance oil that is Phthalate-free. Phthalates are chemicals that may interfere with normal development of the reproductive system by mimicking hormones. In addition to using oils that are Phthalate-free, each of our oils are approved for use in various bath and body products including those that are applied to the skin. This is significant because products applied to the skin face stricter safety regulations. 

Candle Allure offers a line of 100% Natural candles made with pure essential oils. These candles are designed to provide certain Aromatherapy benefits. Essential oil is the all natural, concentrated extract from, plants, flowers, fruits etc.. This is the “essence” of the plant's aroma. Due to their natural composition, essential oils are completely safe, aromatic and can also offer a number of therapeutic benefits. Some common essential oils used for aromatherapy in candles are:

Lavender- Soothing, Relaxing and Calming

Lemongrass-Refreshing, balancing and rejuvenating

Eucalyptus-Opens nasal passages and helps with cold symptoms

Key Lime-Energizing and uplifting

7. Can you use the melted candle wax as a natural body lotion?

Although many Natural Candle companies claim that you can safely apply the melted wax and oil to your skin, we at Candle Allure strongly urge against this due to the possibility of an allergic reaction. Candles are primarily made up of wax, which in large amounts is not effective as a moisturizer on the skin and can clog pores. There are much better products for your skin such as our Whipped Body Butters and Lotion Bars. Our expert opinion is that candles should be used as they were intended, simply to burn and enjoy the beautiful aroma that fills the air. 


8. Can Reed Diffusers be made with Pure Essential Oils?

Unfortunately, Reed Diffusers are not effective when made using Pure Essential Oils. This is due to the fact that Essential Oils are heavier in nature and do not travel up the reeds well. The result would be a Reed Diffuser that produces very little scent distribution. At Candle Allure, our Reed Diffusers are made using Phthalate-free Premium Fragrance Oil and a Base that is free of Alcohol and DPG. This combination works extremely well and is safe for you and your home. As with any type of oil, if spilled clean immediately with warm soap and water. 

9. How long will my Reed Diffuser Last?

Upon receiving your Reed Diffuser allow 48-72 hours for the oil to travel up through the Reeds. Maximum scent distribution occurs when the oil has reached the top of the Reeds. To refresh the scent distribution, you may flip the reeds every 1-2 weeks. Our Reed Diffuser Oil will hold fragrance for up to 6 to 8 months; however,  please note that reeds will become saturated over time preventing maximum scent distribution. When this happens, simply replace the reeds.  You can order replacement reeds at Candle Allure. Please visit our Reed Diffuser page.


10. What is Private Potty? This has to be a gag gift right?

Private Potty is an all natural bathroom spray that helps keep your private bathroom time a secret. I guess you can say its a gag gift with benefits beause its useful and it works! For most people, 3-5 sprays should do the trick. It works by spraying the product directly on the surface of the water inside the toilet bowl. When sprayed on the surface of the water the combination of Essential Oils and Botanical Liquids create a barrier that suppresses odor and prevents it from filling the air. Instead, a light and refreshing aroma will be left behind. This product really works and  is great for home, travel and even gag gifts.  


11. What are the uses of the Creme Soap?

Our Creme soap is a soft, whipped and creamy all purpose soap. It is completely natural and handmade in small batches. Each jar is made with care and requires approximately 8 weeks for completion. Batches are made in advance so that they are always readility available. This soap works great as a facial soap, body wash, shaving soap and hand soap. It is thoroughly cleansing without leaving your skin stripped or dry. Great for individuals with sensitive and acne prone skin as well as those with normal skin.  

12. What is the best way to use Milk Bath Tea?

There are two ways to use our Bath Teas. To get the most out of your Bath Tea, we recommend boiling 1 Bath Tea bag in 6 cups of water for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes, then pour 2 cups of the tea into a warm bath. Refrigerate the remaining tea for additional baths. Discard after 5 days. If you prefer not to boil your Bath Tea, simply drop one tea bag directly into your warm bath under the hot running water. Give it a few squeezes every so often, then sit back, relax and enjoy. Each Bath Tea bag can be used up to 2 times. Never consume Bath Tea, it is designed specifically for external use only.


13. Why are shipping charges slightly higher than other bath and body stores?

At Candle Allure, nearly all of our products are packaged in glass. This is because glass packaging prevents the possibility of chemicals leaching into the product. As a result, shipping charges are slightly higher than stores that use plastic packaging. To ensure that the glass arrives safely to your home larger boxes and extra cushioning are required. Even still the majority of our customers find our shipping charges to be reasonably priced and faster then other stores due to the use of priority shipping through USPS. 

14. Does Candle Allure offer Fundraiser Opportunities?

Yes, if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for a fun and unique fundraiser opportunity, Candle Allure is the place for you. With multiple sizes, costs and designs, we are able to create a fundraising program that will best suit your needs. Please visit the contact page to inquire.