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Hi! I'm Aisha Whitmore-Love, Owner and Founder of Candle Allure. I truly love creating new products for you...and let's be honest, for myself. My goal with each product is that it will look fabulous, smell amazing and work exceptionally well! Today, we'll take a more in depth look at some of the best selling products that Candle Allure has to offer.

First - The product that started it all. Our Decorative Candles!

While I began my candle journey with soy wax, I have upgraded to our new CocoPALM Candles. I simply love the luxuriousness of Coconut Wax, creamy, smooth and oh so clean. Then there's Palm Wax, It is hard to top the naturalness of this wax. Created from the vibrant Palm Fruit, Palm wax is one of the most minimally processed and sustainable waxes available. This alone made it an easy choice to include as part of our proprietary wax blend, not to mention the artistic designs and textures produced by the crystallization of the heated wax. Talk about unique and one of a kind.

Let's take a closer look...Coconut is a super food of sorts. With so many benefits it's only natural that the use of Coconut has expanded into the world of Bath & Body. A healthier alternative to paraffin and other types of wax candles. Our Coconut Wax is a proprietary blend consisting primarily of Organic Coconut Wax and nourishing Coconut Oil. This wax also contains a small percentage of other All Natural Vegetable Waxes. Coconut Wax creates candles that  are smooth, creamy and long lasting. By combining this wax with Palm, we have created a beautiful Cream-Top Candle that boasts a marbled texture on the bottom and a smooth creamy finish on top. Palm wax is a natural Non-GMO wax that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. You can rest assured knowing that our suppliers are part of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which seeks to ensure that palm oils and waxes are harvested with minimal impact to the environment and the animals residing in that particular area.

Our Reed diffusers were introduced in our second year of business and are an excellent way of adding fragrance to your home. Because they do not require a flame, Reed Diffusers can be used safely whether you are in the room or not and the fragrance will continue all day! Reed Diffusers work by placing several reeds into oil contained in a glass bottle. There are hollows in the reeds that allow the oil to travel upward, ultimately releasing and distributing fragrance throughout the room. Candle Allure Reed Diffusers have added visual appeal due to the variety containers, colors and decorative embellishments. We offer Reed Diffusers in a variety of container shapes and decorative designs that are sure to fit into any decor. Each diffuser is filled with premium diffuser oil that is free of Alcohol, DPG and Phthalates. 

I introduced our line of Bath Salts simply out of my love for relaxing in a nice warm bath at the end of the day. The only way to make my routine bath better was the addition of fragrant and purifying salts along with beautiful botanicals to up the visual appeal. You may be asking, do bath salts really have any benefits, or is it all just hype? Well, I truly enjoy a nice bath using our salts and have experienced many benefits as a result; including more restful sleep, less aches and pains, and an overall feeling of peace and calmness among other things.
To explain a bit further, Candle Allure Bath Salts are an All Natural blend of Mediterranean Sea Salt, Pure Essential Oil, Botanicals and Natural Colorants. Mediterranean Sea Salt is produced using the ancient method of solar evaporation. Originating from a region that is known for minimal pollution and harvested from pristine waters, Mediterranean Sea Salt is some of the purest salt in the world. Why is this significant? Salt is naturally rich in nutrients and minerals; however salt that lacks purity will not yield the same benefits as salt that is from a clean source.  Soaking in a warm bath allows your skin to quickly and easily absorb the nutrients and minerals that the salt infuses into your water. Furthermore, salt is a natural detoxifier, resulting in toxins and impurities being pulled from your skin. Using our Bath Salts can aid the body’s well being by providing such benefits as muscle relaxation, stress reduction, detoxification and rejuvenation. 
One of the most recent additions to our product line is our Whipped Body Butter. I describe this as a whipped to perfection match made in heaven combination of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Thanks to my customers, we have nicknamed this the "Oh My Goodness Butter" because this is usually the first thing customers say when they try this luxurious product. Created using minimal, but very effective ingredients designed to revitalize, heal, smooth, protect and lock in moisture. As an avid user myself, I believe our Whipped Body Butter is one of the best out there. 
What makes it so great? Well, the ingredients play a major part. Shea butter is regarded as one of the best skin moisturizers for dehydration, anti-aging and protection from harsh climates. It nourishes the skin, making it smoother, more supple, and more radiant. Used for hundreds of years throughout Africa it has since become a worldwide staple in many beauty products. Minimally processed to retain its healing properties it is a powerful treat for your skin. Our Shea Butter is Organic and processed without the use of chemicals. Coconut Oil, another wonderful ingredient possesses healing and nourishing capabilities due to its fatty-acid composition that makes it extremely compatible with our skin. Additionally it holds anti-fungal and anti-sceptic properties making it great for skin conditions such as dermatitis and rosacea. Furthermore it is a wonderful skin softener and non-greasy moisturizer. Together, the two are a powerhouse blend for skin soothing, moisture and rejuvenation. Today, we've only discussed a handful of our products. Please check back for more about our other popular products.

I've enjoyed talking with you Natural Beauties! Until next time...